Moetan for Android 1.0.0


Now on Rerease Sale !

One of the most famous Japanese English
word book has come!

Amazon best-seller in the year.
Winner of the "Nikkei hot-selling product
ranking" in the first half of 2004.
As an English reference book, it was recorded
an unexampled smash hit.
The "Moetan" has became the Android app now!

This App is for the English word learning;
Not only for High school students,
but also for those who want to learn English
more enjoyable way with "Magical girl".

★★★DESCRIPTION (*^-^*)

--Contains 1000+ frequently used words and
phrases for the university entrance exam.

--Contains all of the impressive examples
based on "Akihabara culture".

--Both vocabulary-test and sentence-test
offered as the game with choice.

--Complete one lesson , and you will get a
reward of prize of image (56 images total).

--Reward images can be used as iPhone
wallpaperand so on, in addition to enjoy
them in this app.

--The end of each lesson, you can tweet your
results to "Magical girl", Ink-chan.

--Bookmark your weak words and you can repeat
learning them.

★★★FEATURE ( 'Θ')ノ

--Vocabulary test (Japanese → English)
--Vocabulary test (English → Japanese)
--Sentence test (Japanese → English)
--Sentence test (Japanese → English)
--Word book
--Bookmark for words
--Reporting on Twitter
--Reset button of test status
--Reward for each lesson

The WORD BOOK you are waiting for!

A revolution in english studying!

Buy now, Falling Love with "Magical girl"!

Last Updated:2011-09-18 18:10:15
File size:21MB
OS:Android 1.6 and up

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